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Wrinkles in certain areas of the face are caused by muscles responsible for facial expression. Common examples are the horizontal wrinkles of the forehead, the frown lines between the eyes and the crow's feet on the sides of the eyes near the temple. Over time these wrinkles become more prominent, giving an aged or angry appearance. Botox relaxes these muscles, eliminating the wrinkles they cause.

Botox InjectionsBotox has an excellent safety record. In experienced hands, complications are very rare. It is injected using a very fine needle with minimal to no discomfort. Botox needs to be injected very precisely in the particular facial muscle responsible for the wrinkling. Dr. Samaha's expertise is exclusively in the face. His very detailed knowledge of the anatomy of different facial muscles allows him to target them very precisely. This ability, combined with his appreciation of facial esthetics allows him to consistently obtain excellent results for his patients.

Botox is not a substitute for surgery. The wrinkles treated with Botox cannot usually be addressed with surgery, and vice versa. Therefore, Botox is used in combination with surgery rather than instead of it.

Some facial areas are best addressed with injectable skin fillers or surgery rather than Botox. To achieve optimal overall results, Dr. Samaha tailors his approach to each patient's needs. Some patients may require Botox alone or a combination treatment of Botox with skin filler or surgery.

Get more information about Botox at our clinic, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

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