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Under the direction of Dr. Samaha, our centre strives to continuously perfect new ways of offering less invasive and more effective procedures for our patients. Our goal is the best possible esthetic result to enhance our patients' well-being while making their experience painless and seamless.

To achieve this, Dr. Samaha directs our centre meticulously. No detail is too small and no process is overlooked to make our patients as comfortable as possible. From the moment a patient consults with us, they are treated with the highest standards of care and beyond. This is reflected in the ample time allocated to the consultation process to insure an unhurried encounter with the surgeon; the time we take "behind the scenes" to prepare for the patient's procedure; Dr. Samaha's minimally invasive surgical techniques; and the attention and care our patients receive during the recovery.

We believe that this investment in time and effort, combined with our surgeon's skill and experience is rewarded with our patients' satisfaction with their experience and their result. It is often said that results speak for themselves and this is reflected in our reputation for excellent quality care and pleasing natural results.

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