Cheek Augmentation

Cheek ImplantsProminent, softly curved cheekbones are a hallmark of a feminine facial contour. Strong angular cheekbones confer a masculine appearance to a man's face. Weak cheekbones contribute to an aged or sad appearance. For many patients, augmentation of the cheekbone area can provide a significant improvement whether performed alone or in combination with a facelift or other facial surgery for additional enhancement. Cheek augmentation is often performed using an implant though fat injections can occasionally be used, particularly when other facial areas are being injected as well.

Like chin augmentation, cheek augmentation is also performed under local anesthesia with sedation at our centre. Dr. Samaha uses an incision above the gum of the upper teeth, inside the mouth to insert the implant. There is no scar and because Dr. Samaha's technique is minimally invasive, the procedure is short, taking approximately 45 minutes for both sides and the resultant swelling is short-lived. There is usually no pain after surgery and the recovery is about one week.

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