Chemical Peels

How does a chemical peel work?

A chemical peel uses specialized products to painlessly remove the first layer of skin that often becomes textured with time. A new, fresh layer of smooth skin then grows to provide a younger, fresher appearance that is rejuvenated and less textured. Peels reduce and, in some cases, eliminate blemishes, redness, wrinkles and age spots while smoothing the skin.

Is a chemical peel right for everybody?

There is no way to avoid age, but chemical peels do serve as a non-invasive way to erase signs of aging and maintain the radiance of youth. Because there are varying levels of chemical peels available, almost any person is eligible for treatment. It is recommended that people with darker skin tones avoid deeper chemical peels because the treatment may cause unwanted color irregularities, but superficial peels may still be an option in most cases.

Are chemical peels safe?

Chemical peels have a lengthy, well-established safety track record. When the service is delivered by trained medical professionals, safety is a priority. Not only are peels safe, they are an effective, nearly painless means of achieving that youthful glow.

What are superficial and medium-depth chemical peels?

Various products are used in the peel process and at various concentrations. The depth of the peel, which is the most important consideration in having a peel, depends on how long those products are applied and at what concentration.

Dr. Samaha limits his services to superficial and medium-depth chemical peels only. Deep chemical peels require a long recovery process and can lead to unnecessary complications whereas less invasive techniques can be used multiple times over a series of treatments to safely achieve the desired effect.

Superficial chemical peel

Inexpensive, quick and easy, superficial chemical peels are a great option for patients on the go who don’t need a deeper treatment. The exfoliating agents used in this process, often applied with a brush or cotton-tipped applicator, smooth the skin and bring out its natural, lustrous look.

This technique usually requires a series of treatments lasting 15 to 20 minutes to maximize results, and there is no recovery time required. Other than a very mild heat sensation that lasts a few seconds at most, patients generally experience zero discomfort and are able to go about their day after the procedure. There is very little redness, if any, and no bruising.

Medium-depth chemical peel

Sun-damaged or aged skin that is lined with wrinkles or spots may require a more in-depth treatment that goes a bit further than the superficial chemical peels. While the medium depth treatments do require downtime, the results last for several years and rarely necessitate more than one session. The medium-depth peel removes unwanted, age-ripened skin and allows for a new fresher layer to take its place.

The treatment can leave the skin feeling raw and it sometimes appears red for up to five days, but, with proper rest and self-applied cleansing soaps and lubricants, the downtime usually lasts no more than a week. Patients are asked to avoid any rigorous activities for a minimum of five days, but can return to daily life after one week, applying makeup and resuming their normal routine.

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