Chin Augmentation (Mentoplasty, Chin Implants)

The chin is part of an overall esthetic "unit" which includes the nose, lips, and neck. To balance this esthetic unit, particularly in terms of the profile, alignment of the chin can be significant in harmonizing the overall facial appearance. A strong chin in a man frequently accentuates his masculine features. In a woman, a slightly smaller and softer chin confers a more feminine appearance.

Chin ImplantsChin augmentation may be performed alone or in conjunction with rhinoplasty (nose job) or facelift surgery, to provide an additional enhancement to the final outcome. It consists of placing an implant to improve the prominence and contour of the chin. Dr. Samaha's technique uses a very small incision under the chin and very little manipulation of the tissues to insert the implant and position it for best esthetic enhancement. The resulting tiny scar is well concealed and the recovery is very fast. Chin augmentation does not affect the bite or chewing.

Dr. Samaha's chin augmentation technique is a short procedure performed under local anesthesia with a small amount of sedative given for comfort and relaxation. The procedure takes approximately 30-45 minutes. There is usually no pain after surgery and recovery is approximately 5 days.

Get more information about chin augmentation at our clinic, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

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