Facelift ProcedureA facelift tightens the fallen, saggy skin and muscles of the lower face, including the jaw line and neck. The jowls (the drooping skin on either side of the chin along the jaw line) are lifted to better define the jaw line. Another very important improvement following a facelift is the neck line. Neck muscles are tightened and skin is lifted to eliminate the “turkey neck” and regain a youthful neck profile. This neck lift portion of the procedure is often the improvement that is most appreciated by patients after a facelift.

Dr. Samaha remains at the forefront of the latest advances in facelift and rejuvenation surgery. His facelift technique employs the most recent refinements, which are a major improvement over the traditional facelift technique. Patients are immediately able to see significant results. His technique involves not only tightening the skin, but also diligently removing excess fat, and very meticulously lifting and strengthening saggy neck muscles. The remarkable results obtained are gratifying to both Dr. Samaha and his patients.

Because of his experience and focus on minimally-invasive techniques, Dr. Samaha uses his skills to make facelift surgery easier to tolerate and provide a faster recovery. His primary goal consists of making the patient’s entire experience, from start to finish, including the surgery and recovery, easier and shorter.

Midface Lift

This technique has been proposed by some to rejuvenate the area of the cheeks and middle of the face. However, because it is very invasive, requires over 6 months for the swelling to resolve, and provides modest results at best, Dr. Samaha does not perform this surgery for his patients. Rather, he employs less invasive and more reliable methods, such as volume replacement (with fillers or fat transfer), which are generally more effective.

Our clinic's specialty is a minimally invasive approach. While facelift surgery traditionally took hours to perform and weeks to recover from, our clinic's system allows Dr. Samaha to shorten both surgery and recovery while enhancing the result. As with all his surgeries, Dr. Samaha uses a sedation anesthesia to keep the patient asleep and comfortable, while helping to shorten the recovery after surgery.

Forehead/Brow Lift

Please visit the forehead or brow lift page for more on this procedure.


A mini-lift is a shorter surgery with a shorter recovery time, a smaller scar, and a lower cost. This less extensive procedure is best suited for patients who do not have extensive sagging of the skin and are just starting to notice the beginnings of the aging changes. Patients who have more severe sagging, or neck skin sagging, a facelift possibly with a neck lift would provide the best result. The most important consideration for a mini-lift is whether the patient is a good candidate and would obtain the best possible result.

Get more information about facelift surgery at our clinic, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

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