Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Does Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy work?

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is a long-established, extremely effective means of treating a range of dermatological and hair issues. It is considered a versatile cosmetic and medical tool, which is similar to a laser but can perform a more wide range of treatments. IPL removes or reduces brown age spots, small blood vessels and blemishes while smoothing textured skin.

How safe is IPL?

IPL is an established tool for decade with an excellent safety record. It is a safe and extremely effective means of rejuvenating the facial skin. Whether you are a young person looking to smooth textured skin or a mature patient looking to turn back the clock on age, this technology is one of the least invasive and most versatile therapies for skin rejuvenation. However, it is important that IPL be administered by a trained, experienced practitioner for maximum safety and efficacy.

How long does it take for IPL to be effective?

IPL skin therapies are delivered in a series of appointments lasting no more than 20 minutes. There is no recovery time and patients may return to their daily activities immediately following treatment. For the best possible results, Intense Pulse Light treatments are administered over a period of several weeks.

Is IPL painful?

IPL, when conducted by a professional, is a pain-free process for the vast majority of patients. Some patients claim they feel some mild, but very temporary discomfort, such as heat or tingling, but most feel nothing. Some patients report some redness after the treatment, but that too is very mild and short lived.

Do IPL treatments require a recovery time like surgery?

IPL require no drugs or specialized care. Patients are able to immediately return to their daily routine. Unlike surgery, the IPL applicator never actually touches the skin.

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