Rhinoplasty (Nasal Reshaping, "Nose Job")

Although the nose is situated at the center of the face, an attractive nose should not be noticeable. An unattractive nose may become the focus of attention and detract from other pleasant features, such as the eyes.

Rhinoplasty Montreal Nose JobRhinoplasty (frequently referred to as a "nose job") is performed to reshape the nose by modifying or softening its appearance to bring it into harmony with the remainder of the face. A natural "unoperated" look is ideally sought. It is arguably the most complex and challenging surgical procedure performed. It requires intimate knowledge of not only the external esthetics but also the internal anatomy. Every rhinoplasty procedure requires technical skills, knowledge and experience to achieve a pleasing, natural, and long-lasting result.

Dr. Samaha's two specialties of otolaryngology (ears, nose and throat) and facial plastic surgery as well as his extensive experience in all types of nasal surgery, functional, esthetic, and reconstructive, allow him to obtain the esthetically pleasing and natural results he is reputed for.

There are two main surgical approaches to rhinoplasty surgery. In the "open" approach, incisions are made on the skin, the skin is "peeled off" the cartilage and bones, which are then modified by the surgeon. This approach is seldom used at our centre. Dr. Samaha prefers the endonasal approach where incisions are made inside the nose and modifications are made under the skin. The surgery is relatively short, taking approximately 45-90 minutes, depending on the case.

The use of tiny incisions, the endonasal approach, a sedation type of anesthesia rather than a general anesthetic, a meticulous minimally invasive surgical technique that Dr. Samaha developed, and the absence of any packing in the nose following surgery all contribute to making the surgery easier to tolerate and shortening the recovery. Our patients are frequently surprised at the lack of discomfort, the fast recovery of less than a week, and the ease of their overall experience.

Get more information about rhinoplasty surgery at our clinic, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

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